RVsecure PlatinumX Caravan Alarm System

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PlatinumX Alarm System by RVsecure

Discover the PlatinumX, an exceptional alarm system by RVsecure that sets a new standard in the industry. This state-of-the-art product offers a comprehensive range of features and unparalleled flexibility, positioning it as a market-leading solution. With an extensive list of standard inclusions and the ability to customize the system to your specific requirements, the PlatinumX stands out as the ultimate choice for caravan security. Experience unmatched versatility and tailor-made security that aligns perfectly with your needs, making the PlatinumX the number one option in its class.

Key Features:

  • Internal Movement Sensor: Detects any motion inside the vehicle.
  • Door Sensor: Alerts when doors are opened.
  • Dedicated Panic Switch: Immediate alert activation in emergencies.
  • Anti-Tow/Anti-Hitch System: Adjustable sensitivity locks brakes on activation.
  • Advanced Brake Tamper Detection: Patented feature for electric brakes.
  • Brake Safety Interlock: Enhances safety by interlocking brakes.
  • Flash Lights & Siren: Visual and audible deterrents.
  • Remote Operation: Control the system from a distance.
  • Easily Add Extra Sensors: Expandable for added security.
  • Easy Installation: Requires only three connections plus power.
  • Optional Plug’n’Play GPS: Optional GPS integration.
  • Multiple Arming Modes: Normal, Silent, and Night modes.
  • Low Voltage Alarm: Suitable for Lead Acid & Lithium batteries.
  • LCD Display: Easy-to-read display for system status.
  • Alarm History: Track past alarm events.
  • Third-Party Device Integration: Compatible with other devices.
  • Made in Australia: High-quality local manufacturing.

What's in the Box:

  • 1x PlatinumX Gen2 control unit
  • 1x safeGuard PIR
  • 1x safeGuard Reed Switch
  • 1x safeGuard Emergency Switch
  • 1x High Output Siren
  • 2x 4 Key Remotes
  • 2x Security Warning Stickers

Choose the PlatinumX for the ultimate in security and peace of mind for your caravan.